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Experience transformational retreats of body & mind, from silence to wildness, grounding or astral.

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Insightful Meditation

A unique blend of Meditations, Movement and Diet that provides you with a full Body and Mind Detox, while learning the art of Vipassana meditation. 8 days silent Meditations, stretching & Qigong, Daily conscious talks about the path (Daily dhamma talk), Nature walks, private Healing treatments (optional) and final night of tribal fire ceremony meditative walk.



A specially designed retreat that will introduce you to Shamanic practices and rituals hand in hand with Zen Buddhism teachings. All the Shamanic elements we experience are to serve and facilitate healing, guidance and empowerment. We learn how to work and connect with natural forces. We learn about Qi, explore different meditations and tap into energetic movement and taste the healing power of Qigong meta-physical exercises 

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Fun in the sun

Living your dream time with Orpheus - 

Six days of pure fun and Magic, Immersing in Just Being while combining fun activities.

 Breathing fresh air, enjoy relaxing music, drink yummy smoothies or fresh coconut, Cacao and dance, connect with nature by feeling it and walk in it, late morning rise with the sounds of birds, a walk & talk around our farm and healthy lifestyle, a talk about manifesting your dream life.

Learn with us how to really enjoy and appreciate the little things that make life special and whole. NONE of the Activities are must:)

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