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Orpheus B 

Master Healer

Hi, I am happy to meet you and guide you step by step into a journey of healing & well-being. 
Over 25 years, I have gained global experience from great Masters, teachers and Shamans. The essence of those teachings turn to be my wisdom. Living in various countries including India, Korea, Mexico and Costa Rica, I expanded my knowledge and designed a unique way of guiding and helping people overcome their darkest fears and discomforts.
I am a Reiki and Tai-Chi Master, Qigong master teacher, Shamanic healer, musician, writer, and wizard.
My healing goes worldwide while offering sessions, teachings and seminars for privates and groups. I also creates transformative online content, authoring books like "B The Way" and "Tai Chi for Bears."

A Bit About My Experience

In the last 25 years I gained experience from practice and constant training around world, from South Pacific and Asia to central and south Americas. I lived in Israel, India, South-Korea, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico and Costa-Rica, and spend much time learning while traveling. Inspiring countries like Tibet, Nepal, Hong Kong and Taiwan, gave me deep understanding of the traditions of Asian medicine and culture. A huge influence for me was the Great Grand Master Duan zhi Liang, whom I trained under for about 8 years (Since 2008) and received his blessings and certificate in WU-Ji Qigong and Esoteric Acupuncture.
I was then pulled by magic to the jungles of Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica to meet and trained with shamans and medicine leaders of different tribes. One great teacher of mine was Don Carlos of the Shippibo tribe who introduced me to work with Master plants and I got initiated into the Red Jaguar medicine of the deep jungle. I learnt and acclaimed the ways of the Shaman-healer, as part of my life.

Curious about the power of our own mind I found access to very potent tools that can help release emotional blocks, observe old traumas and self-destructive patterns, and change them. I designed a journey called "the Soul Journey" that naturally opens the door to the un-consious mind and can make magic & healing. 

Some of my offerings are Tai-Chi & Qigong forms that suit the modern times, as well as unique “Chi-flow” free-flow dance. I specialized in Shamanic journeys and plant medicine healing.

Tradition says that a real Teacher carry Mastery in at least five fields, and my spirit keeps on  upgrading her skills. Humbly I can say I've completed Mastery in Reiki, Tai-Chi and healing, and learnt to be a Master Chef, Master musician, writer, Lover and a wizard.

Since 2014 I run a Healing center in Costa Rica, travels around the world for healing, teachings, and seminars and creates online content. I performs annually in different conscious festivals to bring the magic and inspiration.

Orpheus has written several books that reflect his way of life, from "B The Way" to children books ” Tai Chi for Bears“. He translate the "Tao Te Ching" to Hebrew and work on new books.

Skills and Styles of Healing

  • Life style coaching - for health & well-being

  • Ceremonialist

  • Healing consultation and Diagnosis

  • Acupuncture (TCM)- Bhsc TCM AU UTS

  • Esoteric Acupuncture – a journey into higher consciousness

  • Energy Channel Massage (EcM) therapy – A combination of         Shiatsu /Tuina / Deep / Acupressure / Remedial /Qi Massage.

  • BIO Healing - A new meditation method by Orpheus to reset any cellular mutation or energy block.

  • Diet consultation/ Detox advisor.

  • Energy healing – Reiki, Medical Qi gong, opening & clearing energy blocks from the body.

  • Sacred movement: Tai chi Chuan (meditative dance), Qigong (energy exercise to increase vitality), Ba-Gua Zheng

  • Meditation – Vipassana style teaching

  • Soul Journey/ Shamanic Journey

  • Cellular memory upgrade (reset)

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