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 Master of Balance, well-being &

from Lifestyle consultations, Personal Coaching, Esoteric Energy work to Shamanism.

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what do I offer

Deep transformation
via holistic approach to life.

A model that I live & teach, wrote a book about and is used as one of my tools
for transformation.

Work with me & receive

  • Personal time with me

  • Private coaching on the most relevant topics to you in your life and personal growth

  • Answers to some of your deepest questions

  • “Food” for thoughts & mind

  • Water to clench your thirsty Soul.

  • Awakening of your Soul

  • Activation to the superior YOU.

  • Exercises for the body and the mind

  • Understand HOW your body works

  • Understand HOW your mind works

  • Tools to quiet your mind

  • Tools to find balance and center

  • Develop inner peace

  • Learn tools for better communication (NVC, AR)

  • Learn how to deal with stress and Reduce stress in your life


Who am I

A man

A leader

A master

A teacher

A guide

A healer

A lover

A father

A listener

An inspiration




Martial artist master

A role model of a balanced human being and a person who achieved a mastery over many subjects in life


A Mirror to you.

Why take a journey with me

Because you were called, you were guided to me, to meet me and receive my teachings, live or online.

You are ready to find some answers to your soul quest. I am delivering authentic wisdom through my courses and different teachings.

My teachings are clear and easy to understand and follow.

My teachings are relevant for most Human beings, and especially for those who are READY to see themselves and make the effort to grow.

Are you ready to take true steps into
self growth, self love, self responsibility?

Why to take a life coaching with me:

If you want to be an awaken human being,

it takes effort.

If you want to be a MASTER –

it takes a MASTER to learn from.

If you seek for an easy, cheap, light, lazy way –  IT'S NOT HERE!

Better stop now and seek somewhere else.


If you are still here,

scroll down.

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Your Soul is knocking on the inner doors of your body, calling you from within, trying to tell you:

“Hey, wake up, listen to me. listen, listen.

You cannot ignore me anymore.

I am here and I need your attention.

All the uncomfortable feelings you have – its me trying to grab your attention.

 It is time to wake up and start follow the TRUE essence of why we arrive here.”


And that’s why you are here, reading this and mysteriously came to meet me.

I am a SOUL Awakening guide!

I am not playing games of beauty or fakeness.

I trust myself,

I trust the spirit of nature,

the guidance of Tao,

the essence of God

and this creation.

I recognize the power of the invisible forces that are playing with us here.

I recognize my powers.

I have been where you are now...

call now

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