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In a beautiful setting in the Diamante Valley of Costa Rica, we found a peace of paradise.

Between the mountains and the ocean, on a lush jungle hill we manifested a special home that is now a healing portal and a spiritual sanctuary, open to selected guests who wish to “do the work”.


The magic of the place is in its simplicity and the unique feeling of “being home”, as many guests testify.

B-Home is offering to touch all the elements within and out: Earth- your body, Water - your emotions, Air - your breath, Fire- your Spirit. Touch all via various activities, retreats and personal healing.

Choose Your Path



Per Night - 60$

Per Week - 400$

Per Month 1500$

Suitable for a 2-3 persons, contains private utilities and kitchen

Private Room

Per Night - 40$

Per Week - 240$

Per Month - 900$

Sleeps one to two people

Shared Room

Per Night - 30-40$

Per Week - 200$

Per Month - 400-600$

Up to two people
depends on length of stay

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