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A powerful tool to quiet the mind, relax the body and learn about self mastery. Orpheus is an advocate of Vipassana teachings, as a method that came to us by Buddha. Individuals or groups teaching over a course of eight days in silence you can learn a tool for self Mastery for life.

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Personal Coaching

Orpheus invites you to take a personal program of coaching that is suited specifically to your needs. It is based on an introductory call (or a personal visit to his center) and a protocol of sessions that will support your current needs and shifts in life. Orpheus brings through these coaching practical tools that can effectively help you grow and expand in your life.

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Soul Journeys

Developed by Orpheus, It is a gentle guided meditation process that let you enter other dimensions of mind and spirit in order to strengthen the connection to your soul. based on four different techniques of hypnosis and guided meditations, The journey is spoken and you are partially awake. 

You will receive messages to help your development and growth or answers to inner questions you hold. Orpheus gives interpretation at the end.

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Lifestyle Consulation

Orpheus takes you in his unique way to reveal what is going on in your Body and mind and paints together with you the picture of your being and areas of im-balance. He tunes into your needs and finds the best healing method for your condition. From there you will go together on a healing journey that usually combines different healing modalities.

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A natural way of healing to find balance. By the use of fine needles that are inserted into specific points of energy in our body, Orpheus can help you balance, reduce or boost the energy along meridians in our body and in your internal organs. His experience and Unique style reach far beyond the physical level.

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Diet and Detox

Orpheus will guide you into different ways of detoxification (Detox) to cleanse the body and purify the mind on many levels and through many layers. He facilitates many methods of Detox, from Diet re-structure, types of Fasting, re-breathing, Kambo medicine, Mind purification via meditations and more.

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