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Orpheus B

25 years ago I was guided into a cosmic meeting with the art of Tai-chi which opened a door for me to explore Energy, spirituality and mystery. Soon after I heard a voice deep down that told me to go East, to India. This was the beginning of my spiritual journey into self inquiry and self-realization.

I asked the Universe why am I here and what did I come to do. I knew we all have a reason for being, a goal and a role to fulfill.

While traveling to learn, feel and listen, I discovered the reason for me to be here – it was healing and guidance – helping human beings feel better, balanced, healthy, joyful, relaxed and ultimately, Happy.
I started this journey of exploring natural ways of healing the body and mind.

Constant curiosity enabled me to tap into many modalities and meet amazing teachers. Since more than a decade I share this knowledge with confidence and assist many in their healing and spiritual growth to Find their Way, through this journey of life.

A Bit About My Experience

Inspirational Guide, Healer and a Master in the “Arts of Living”, holds a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and diplomas in many fields of natural healing methods.

“In the last 25 years I gained experience from practice and constant training around world, from South Pacific and Asia to central and south Americas. I lived in Israel, India, South-Korea, Japan, China,Australia and Costa-Rica, and spend much time traveling to many countries, including Tibet, Nepal, Hong Kong and Taiwan, where I attained understanding of the traditions of Asian medicine and culture. Then travelled to Central America from Mexico to Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia, and learned the ways of the Shaman-healer.
"I found access to our mind via unique tools that can help release emotional blocks, observe old traumas and self-destructive patterns, and change them.” says O.B

Orpheus designed several Tai-Chi & Qigong forms that suit the modern times, as well as unique “Dance of Tao” free-flow dance. He specialized in Shamanic journeys and plant medicine healing.

Tradition says that a real Teacher carry Mastery in at least five fields, and Orpheus keeps on  upgrading his skills. 

O.B is a Reiki master, Tai-Chi Master, Master Chef, Master musician, writer, Lover and a wizard.

He has a Healing center in Israel and Costa Rica, travels around the world for healing, teachings, and seminars and creates online content.

Orpheus has written several books that reflect his way of life, from "B The Way" to children books ” Tai Chi for Bears“. He translate the Tao Te Ching to Hebrew and work on new books.

Skills and Styles of Healing

  • Life style consultation - for health & happiness

  • Personal coaching - to Find your Way

  • Acupuncture (TCM)- Bhsc TCM AU UTS

  • Esoteric Acupuncture – a journey into higher consciousness

  • Energy Channel Massage (EcM) therapy – A combination of Shiatsu /Tuina / Deep / Acupressure / Remedial /Qi Massage.

  • BIO Healing - A new method by Orpheus to reset any cellular mutation or energy block.

  • Diet consultation/ Detox advisor.

  • Energy healing – Reiki, Medical Qi gong, opening & clearing energy blocks from the body.

  • Sacred movement: Tai chi Chuan (meditative dance), Qi-gong (energy exercise to increase vitality), Ba-Gua Zheng

  • Meditation – Vipassana style teaching

  • Soul Journey/ Shamanic Journey

  • Cellular memory upgrade (reset)

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