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Traveling to Costa-Rica, Traveling alone tips

Generally important to know… After traveling the world for over 25 years I can say that I gained some insights of what’s important when traveling alone, how to manage, what to consider and how to stay safe. Most important tools related to us all- we always want to feel safe and relaxed, when we travel, and especially if its to a foreign country where we do not know the language, culture and people. Number one rule is to always secure your first night – book a hostel in advance or get off your bus/flight and get a taxi to the center of town or the touristic area and find a hotel in your budget without too much hesitation. Put your bags down and go out the world. This will give you a peace of mind to relax and enjoy the first day and discover how the place feels. Walk around, eat in a local restaurant where many local people gather (or a coffee shop) and maybe have a chat with a local about life here and what is special in this region/town. This will give you a good overview of the place you are at and how long you wish to stay there. Plan ahead your journey OR let the spirits plan it for you. You need to decide what is your attitude according to your time frame, finance and general trust that everything will be fine. Safety – when traveling alone it is really important to know how to stay safe. First thing, secure your important belongings - I usually do not carry it on me, but secure it in the hotel safe. I take small amount of money to get along and a photocopy of my Passport. I do interact with locals or taxi drivers but listen with a careful ear to their suggestions. If you have enough time in one place, search online or ask around what are the free events, such as markets, music shows or free gatherings, to meet the local people. Always bring with you from home few special gift items (light weight) as it is a great gesture to exchange and share. Costa Rica is a tranquil country and Locals are usually very friendly and easy going "Pura Vida" style. You need to know where you want to go as Taxis may try and guide you elsewhere. there is no "Tips" policy and since sometimes now prices went up due to service charge almost on all items. it is recommended to use USD cash or exchange to local Colon currency. I recommend to know few words in Spanish to get along better. You can compare prices in few restaurants to know the average cost of local plate "Casado" and enjoy the variations of it. Be aware of your personal belongings especially by the beach and always keep an eye. There are known cases of theft around the public beaches. Enjoy the amazing nature and know that most of the southern part is still raw and wild and it is not really necessary to pay a lot of money to see wild life here. You can experience monkeys, sloths and snakes in front of your hotel balcony if you live close to nature or a national park. Injoy.

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