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Ayahuasca as a life transformative drink

A testimony by a first timer to the ancient shamanic secret that can change your life-

"For a few twilight hours in a remote jungle, I ceased to exist. On my first-ever ayahuasca retreat, a medicine journey that was facilitated by a local Shaman, I curled up inside a warm blanket , and was lulled into one of the most transformative awakenings of my life. Over the course of one night, I was transported far and wide, and into a realm I never knew existed."

I didn’t go seeking ayahuasca; it found me. Though the word ‘ayahuasca’ wasn’t part of my vocabulary before this 2016 experience, I’ve since participated in other ceremonies. I’ll always regard this initial experience as a new starting point of my life. It was the moment that set me along my spiritual path, into a life full of big adventures and endless wells of creativity. The Western world’s recent scientific research on ayahuasca's benefits prove what Indigenous cultures in the Amazon Basin have always known: The plant is a highly powerful, transportive substance that can be used to treat physical and mental ailments, and experiencing it with the help of those practiced in its traditions can expand the mind in ways you might have never thought possible."

"My first ayahuasca experience went something like this: After the shaman cleared my nostrils with rapé - a dried, powdered tobacco snuff that’s shot up participants’ noses with a pipe to begin a ceremony. then I drank my first of three cups (the plant is brewed into a tea and ingested). Little did I know, as the bitter,-sweet thick brew slid its way into my system, that I was about to go on the ride of a lifetime. Over the course of about six hours, I took on a series of forms: a nameless bird; a snake in a pit of other snakes. I even lost all concept of my own appearance—what qualities my face had, from my nose to even the color of my eyes.

I mentally traveled back in time to meet the first ancestor of my entire lineage, who danced in the woods morphing between two forms—that of a wolf and a man—before being suddenly transported to a cave full of drawings I couldn’t decipher but somehow understood…. Then I saw Machu Picchu spinning on an axis of geometric cubes, twisting and turning as what appeared to be Lego.

Then, in a moment of engulfing hilarity, I lay in a fetal position completely consumed by laughter.

It is not a drink for everyone, but if you feel the call, let us know...

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