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Hemorrhoids - How to naturally treat at home

Updated: Feb 9, 2023


A case study and treatment of Hemorrhoids that is very important to share and understand. IT IS POSSIBLE to get rid of your hemorrhoids by yourself at home!

I have helped and treated many cases of Hemorrhoids with natural methods, WITHOUT the need of medical intervention!

There is no need of a surgery or any invasive treatment or surgery (recommended by most medical doctors).


You can read many articles of Hemorrhoids, many suggestions and lots of opinions.

I have made here summary for you, of all the powerful SELF Healing tools you can and should use on a daily basis to treat and HEAL your hemorrhoids.

this knowledge is based on case study I resolved recently.

there are three types of Hemorrhoids:

  1. Internal

  2. External (with thrombosis or not)

  3. Prolapsed

I have helped treating an external prolapsed Hemorrhoids that was bulging out of the Anus and was very disrupting to my client. size of hemorrhoid was similar to a big puffy cashew nut. it was full of blood and was quite painful and disturbing to walk or sit. even lying down on the back was uncomfortable.

Reasons for appearance: It came out of the blue one night after eating something that caused bloating and gas (possibly Garbanzo beans).

We explored the deeper meaning of its appearance in his life and discovered un-treated Stress, repressed emotions, Un-healthy diet based on Low fibers, Consumption of simple carbs such as bread, gluten products, Pizzas, pasta, pastries, lots of sugars, sweet fruits, lack of proteins and deficiency of Omega 3 and iron.


W.Medical Advise:

my client went to see a GP doctor who gave him a week to see if there is any change

He recomended rest and proscribed external lotion, and Iboprofen as a pain killer and relaxant.

First week - there was not much change in the feeling or the size of the Hemorrhoids, which made my client hesitant and fearful of the future of this ever changing.

Second week - Visit to the Doctor concluded with the need for a SURGERY.

the Doctor explained that this cannot be treated other way and only a surgery can help resolve the problem.

Obviously my client didn't want to stay with Hemorrhoids stuck in his "butt" yet didn't want any medical intervention. He found me.

We started working together on all possible avenues to find NATURAL solutions.

The main thing was MINDSET - we had to change his mindset to

  • This is going to change.

  • We can heal this naturally by ourself!

  • There is no way it will stay forever.

  • The same way it appeared it will disappear!

  • I will find the deep meaning behind it, change my life, change my diet and resolve it myself.

  • I will show myself and others that my body is strong and can heal anything."

Daily protocol of healing methods included (I will details them all later):

  • Change in Diet - what to eliminate , what to increase

  • Exercises - soft , gentle, uplifting

  • Rest - as mush as possible, until a positive change happens

  • Baths - 3-4 times p/d

  • hygiene ways - do not rub the area. wash only with water.

  • Supplements - daily, from Ibuprofen to relax the body and the muscles to natural herbal medicine

  • Meditations - self, guided, healing, mind empowering


Eliminate any heavy foods, low fiber carbs, refine sugars, dense and dry foods, junk food. Eliminate : Coffee , Alcohol, Spicy food, Deep fried, preserved/boxed food, pastries, cakes and white bread.
Focus on high fibers food such as fruits, green leafs, quinoa, chia, flax seeds.
Drink plenty of water, camomile teas.

First morning water cup mixed with Active Charcoal (1tsp) and Bentonite clay water.

Basic daily diet included: Morning camomile tea with high fiber syrop (sweet)
Breakfast smoothie (for easy digestion and elimination) made of:
Banana, water, apple, seeds, few nuts, psilium husk powder, Flax seeds powder, AloeVera plant meat, spinach leaves, coconut oil (1tbs), Chia seeds soaked in water, honey.

Midday fresh juice with: based on pineapple, water or Beets carrot and apple
Add on into the juice - green leaves as Kale, spinach, Gotu-Kola, Moringa, turmeric and/or Ginger (in small dose).

Evening (early) salad with lots of fresh greens - kale, lettuce, mustard leaf, orogula, chard, parsley, cilantro, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers. olive oil, lemon and salt.

Cooked: soup of pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery.

Snacks - Papaya, apple, banana smoothie with spiraling, almonds and walnuts.
Drink Orange juice daily
fresh juices of: Beetroot, carrot, orange, pineapple, celery, ginger, turmeric.

Special teas and decoctions:

Sitz baths with herbs -

  1. boil citrus leaves for teas and to sit in it mixed with warm water

  2. Sit for 10-15 minutes (three times per day) in warm / hot water to relax the muscles around the Anus and pelvic floor, also apply self massage gently to those muscles. Do not try to push the Hemorrhoids inside. It will eventually shrink in to the same place where it came of and disappear

  3. you can sit in a bath with lots of camomile teas (make a strong pot of tea in advance and pour the hot water into the bath)

  4. You can sit in a bath with apple cider vinager (as an astringent agent) to shrink any over grown tissue

  5. You can also train your body with combines HOT-COLD baths, circulating 3-4 times in and out the hot to cold, to stimulate the muscles and tissues to increase the blood flow of the whole pelvic muscles.

Clay therapy - topical application - Clay is a great astringent agent and a detox remedy. we can drink it internally as well as placing a moist chunk of it on a moist cotton cloth, and apply it above the hemorrhoids area, best when lying face down, or even before going to sleep.

Topical natural remedy - mixture of garlic, thyme, oil - create a mash of those ingredients and apply on a cotton swab, and sit on it for 30-60 min.

Topical application of Aloe vera - Cut few slices and freeze them. before going to bed, apply the inner part directly on the hemorrhoid to cool it down and allow the astringent effect of the plant to bring healing and shrinking energy.

Supplements (ingestion):

Pine needle extract

Aloe juice / tincture

Nettle tincture (preferably not based on alcohol)

Chinese Herbals: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

Gui Pi tang

Si Ni tang (if lots of stress)

Exercises: morning Qigong (link to my Qigong course:

Upside down Yoga, lift up legs, upwards breathing

Meditations: self motivation affirmations:

Guided meditations to self healing

Treatments: I recommend daily acupuncture by a professional therapist, to work

on special points for hemorrhoids, and learn self massage for

hemorrhoids as well. (as an acupuncturist, I can guide you or your therapist to those special points that work)

Personal coaching and accountability - find someone or contact me to assist you, and guide you daily through out your process of self healing.

with all this knowledge and change in life-style, you will surely succeed to heal yourself.

It may take a week or even two weeks to see a change but once you feel a bit better, understand that you passed the top of the hill and now it's just matter of time, based on you maintaining a healthy lifestyle and continue with this regiment of goodness.

If this feels like a lot of information to you, and you don't know where to start or how to construct your SELF healing journey - Contact me to book a consultation. I can be your accountable guy to fight off your Hemorrhoids!


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