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Insightful Meditation | Vipassana Course


Vipassana mindfulness meditation course is given here with accordance to the traditional Vipassana course and with upgraded version of the oral teachings. Each Day has a daily Qigong lesson to boost your inner energy and give strength to your mind to focus on the meditation technique. Eight detailed days of Dhamma Talks and meditations This course is being hosted off site. It is free to register here, but has a once off initial cost of $222 on the actual Thinkific platform. apologies for any confusion.



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What people are saying...

I love this Journey. It is my favorite way to recharge...

Bruce Limon

this is so powerful that it completely changed my being.

"Since I started exploring the flow of energy, Qigong and other ways, I found the pure tool of Shamanic and DMT journey to be the most powerful way to connect to the invisible world, and to journey beyond space, in a split second" ~ Orpheus.

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