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Tai Chi IZ


Tai Chi Made IZ for you! Tai Chi is a very special form of exercise, a gentle dance or meditation in motion. This form of Tai chi is the Shortest you can find! Tai Chi IZ made for you to quickly get the hang of it!!! Only 8 steps that flow like Water. Step by step you will find it easy and fun to practice. In no time you will do Tai Chi with me. Magic. The Videos are easy to follow ad have voice over instructions (of how to...) This is the fastest way to learn a Healing movement art that has proven to help millions save their health and well-being.



What people are saying...

I love this Journey. It is my favorite way to recharge...

Bruce Limon

this is so powerful that it completely changed my being.

"Since I started exploring the flow of energy, Qigong and other ways, I found the pure tool of Shamanic and DMT journey to be the most powerful way to connect to the invisible world, and to journey beyond space, in a split second" ~ Orpheus.

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