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Transformational Healing

 From life-style coaching, Cellular healing, Acupuncture and Soul journeys.



Experience transformational retreats of Body-mind , from silence to wildness, grounding or astral.

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Certified Initiations

Be initiated into the world of Shamanism, Qigong & Tai chi, Chinese Medicine or Meditation.

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Master at the “Arts of Living”. Gaining experience in the last 25 years of practice and constant training around the world, Orpheus B is an inspirational guide, healer, teacher, Reiki master, Tai Chi Master instructor and Qigong practitioner. He carries authentic traditions from many teachers and brings clear wisdom of life, from East to West.


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Upcoming Events

  • Shamanic Soul Accelerator - Foundation certified
    Jul 04, 2:00 PM – Jul 30, 12:00 PM
    Costa Rica
    Activate your inner shaman, healer and guide. Learn how to communicate with Spirits, travel in the astral and navigate in the mysterious worlds beyond this reality. wisdom and practice.


"My soul envisioned the journey of collecting knowledge from different traditions and combined it into one text. Allowing as many humans as wanted to tap into this knowledge and practice it as part of their daily life."


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