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Create your perfect retreat

Learn from expert & Master Orpheus B

how to: Host - Manage - Co-create - Serve 

Unique opportunity to learn HOW TO run your own retreat, while being in a retreat

In the most serene atmosphere, B home sanctuary offers the best settings to experience a retreat facilitation while being in a retreat.

Designed by Orpheus to give you all the essential tools to run amazing retreats.
Focusing on how to Lead, deal and manage people, go with the flow, create structure, plan the day and the week, manage the team,  learn from others' mistakes, build trust, create bond in the group, give a unique experience. 

Work Experience

June 2000 - April 2004

July 2004 - May 2007

January 2010 - June 2013

January 2014 - currently

Manage a local office and expats teams in South Korea while study Acupuncture, Korean language, Hand therapy,
Taekwando, Tai-chi & Qigong.

Study Traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia, Sydney. Run and co-facilitate social students club, Run a clinic and a Tai chi club.

Run a clinic and a holistic Healing center in Israel, with many group activities, and group soul journeys.

Run a Healing and Spiritual retreat center in Costa Rica.

Host and facilitate many retreats over the last 7 years.

Let's play it big

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