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יום א׳, 02 ביוני


Costa Rica

Shamanic Immersion

Learn the mysterious ways of the Shaman and connect to your own powers. Meet and work with master healers and Shamans, as well as with Master plant medicines. Learn about holding space, clearing negative energy, shamanic tools for divination and astral traveling.

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Shamanic Immersion
Shamanic Immersion

Time & Location

02 ביוני 2024, 13:30 – 14 ביוני 2024, 14:00

Costa Rica, Costa Rica

About the Event

What is a Shamanic Immersion?

This is an experience that invites you to the world of Shamanism, opening the doors of the mysterious realms of the un-seen and unspoken infront of your eyes. This retreat is aimed at letting you experience different shamanic practices, from meditations, connection to Eleemnts, rituals, power of intention, Ceremonies, astral travelling and more. One week that can feel short and long at the same time, connecting you as an individual to the group, to nature and to spirit. It will evoke your shamanic soul, your voice and prayers and your connection to your Soul-path. Via exposure to different activities you will be able to receive answers to deep questions and transform any blocks that holds you back to be your empowered being.

In our Immersion we aim to give you some amazing tools to connect to your Shamanic soul:

  • You will learn about energy clearing and smudging.
  • You will learn to hold space for others who are in a healing process.
  • You will learn medicine chants and songs.
  • you will learn to hold rhythm and beat, with different musical instruments.
  • You will experience different ceremonies, such as: Cacao, Sant maria, Peyote, Ayahuasca.
  • You will exeperince mind altering ceremonies without any external substance: Holotropic breathing, Shamanic Journey.
  • You will learn about Altar building and sacred items.
  • We will dwell into the Natural power elements in Nature: the Water ocean and rivers, the Fire, The Air and breath, and the Earth and soil.
  • We will practice together Qigong, Yoga and free-flow dance.

What is a Shamanism?

Shamanism stems from the word shaman which has its origins from Northern Siberia. A shaman is regarded as having access to the world of spirits through entering a trance like state. The word shaman has now circulated across cultures to define a medicine man or woman. Healers and others who work within the divinatory realms to assist in peoples’ healing may also be considered shamans.

For centuries the shaman would aid in the healing of various ailments in the tribe. People would seek the shaman to heal physical, mental or spiritual maladies. The shaman guides the practitioner through various techniques to the source of their ailment. They are able to receive communication from the spirit world to aid in the restoration of the practitioner’s health.

This modality honors and respects the profoundity that each cultural heritage encompasses.

General shamanic practices include:

  • Consciousness: a very common shamanic practice is reaching altered states of consciousness. This trance state connects the practitioner with the spirit world. Altered states of consciousness can be reached through breathing techniques, dancing, drumming, chanting, rattling, deep meditation, sacred medicines, self-hypnosis, and dreaming.
  • Vibration and Rhythm: understanding the entire universe is made from vibrational sound. Honoring the natural rhythms of the cycles of change (lunar cycles, the sun rising, seasons, etc.).
  • Interconnection: developing an intimate relationship with the seen and unseen world.
  • Presence: connecting with our breath and our relations. How we breath and how we treat ourselves and all things around us reveal our present state of being.
  • Awareness: witnessing and observing that everything in life happens for a reason. Being aware of the constant communication from the spirit world and its deep meaning in our life.
  • Healing: different techniques of healing the physical body and energetic body (the soul) to better oneself, their community and the planet.

Our sanctuary of healing in Costa Rica is B-home and in the initial days we will guide you through our garden of plants to learn how things grow and being harvested. We will combine excursions to some of the most beautiful waterfalls around, Ocean day and river walks.

To those who stay for the Second part (from 8-14th) we will dive deeper into the work with Ayahuasca. We will learn about the these sacred plants, learn how they look like and feel. we will harvest them, and go together through the process of preparing and cooking them into the madicine decoction that we will drink at the last day.

It is a very special experience and unique to many. to learn about our "Grand-mother medicine" from harvest to the cup". we will even let you to plant new medicine plants!

In between space and time you will be able to rest, immerse in our natural river pool and enjoy healthy food and yummy fruits.


  • Early wings 7 days

    First part Immersion

    ‏4,444.00 $
    +‏111.10 $ דמי שירות
    המכירה הסתיימה
  • Full immersion 14 days

    ‏6,666.00 $
    +‏166.65 $ דמי שירות
    המכירה הסתיימה
  • VIP wings

    A private nest for 14 days.

    ‏8,888.00 $
    +‏222.20 $ דמי שירות
    המכירה הסתיימה

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