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The DMT Journey - Dream Meditation Program


DMT is a natural molecule that is called the "Spirit Molecule". It exists in our body and we can find ways to release it into our blood stream and naturally receive the effects of it. This course can teach you how to NATURALLY (without any substance) experience Astral journey. This Journey is called the DMT journey - Dream Meditation Technique. During the process of each session your body will release small amounts of DMT that will allow you to have a "Soul Journey" to the multiverse of other dimensions, with gentle to strong visualization, varies physical sensations, connection to angels or entities that you thought exist only in dreams. The course consist of 5 modules of 30 min. The benefits you'll experience: * Radical shifts in life * Life-changing spiritual experiences * Mental / spiritual awakening * Understanding of reality and yourself in it * Zoom out of your "little" life picture * Manifestation of the "dream life" you want to live. How can it help you? Each and every such experience opens the door to a shift and change in your reality. Whatever you will experience in the "dream state" will weave a new reality in the physical 3D life you live. You might see it transforming immediately or after a while. I recommend not to expect too much or seek for results. Let the Magic of creation do its mystics. By joining this program you will learn and understand how to travel astrally, and dream-weave your reality.


‏222.00 $

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What people are saying...

I love this Journey. It is my favorite way to recharge...

Bruce Limon

this is so powerful that it completely changed my being.

"Since I started exploring the flow of energy, Qigong and other ways, I found the pure tool of Shamanic and DMT journey to be the most powerful way to connect to the invisible world, and to journey beyond space, in a split second" ~ Orpheus.

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