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Shamanic journey testimonial

Hi Orpheus, I attended your Shamanic Journey workshop in Manuel Antonio twice. I wanted to share that Dec. 17, 2017 New moon spirit animal journey was incredible and full of bliss. I entered a white paradise, floating in the air the same white owl with blue piercing eyes came to me as I stood outside the cave above an extremely tall cliff, like the ones you see in avatar surrounding pristine clear glistening waters below. The owl asked me to fly down with her, but I refused, saying that I did not know how to fly. She said, we already went over this you can fly, you did it last time remember? I did remember … I replied, I’m not ready and she accepted. We started walking down to a beach with white sand and the clearest white clear water. It was almost deserted, with vast white sands. But she wanted me to follow into a rich jungle cave. As we entered, I encountered a huge massive rainbow and life was pure, happy, and rich, light and white very white… I was full of gratitude for everything surrounding me including this gorgeous gift. The owl then guided me to a Bambi like scene, with still small extremely clear and reflective pond, lots of life, chirps, everything was white again. There was a big white tipi, with beautiful white rugs with hints of silver threading, I’ve seen them before from Morocco. I was in love with this paradise, and couldn’t believe the beauty I was witnessing. … I looked over to the left, and pointed to this...

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