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 Qigong at home - Live, online, weekly club

Join me for an hour of online Qigong class, blended with pearls of wisdom and nature.
       * Gain clarity
       * Clear stress
       * Find balance
       * Become Vital & build energy

Suitable for beginners and advances students.
we will re-learn the basics
we will learn Qigong forms that you can practice anytime
You will gain access to all previous sessions, in a record library.

Every Tuesday at 10:30pm CST (CR time)

Live , Online , Easy and re-charging Qigong class.

Monthly subscription of only $33 till end of 2023 
and once off $5 setup fees. 
* You can cancel anytime.

OrpheusB by OneHeart-46.jpg
What will we experience?
Warm-up and flexibility exercises,
                       Improving coordination, 
Developing conscious breathing
                           Awareness of the given moment
                We will learn different Chi Gong exercises and series
All through professional and fun guidance, And full of inspiration
​      The great benefit is the recharge your entire system will experience!

Friends Reflections

Orit S.

The experience around the flowing movement of your qigong is truly relaxing. Balance, muscle strengthening and breathing training makes the whole class actually a kind of 'active meditation'.From session to session I feel improvement and wait with anticipation for the next class


To be filled with the strength and powers inherent in us and in being so, to feel infinite love... I was doing Qigong and something happened. Every part of my body was touched, enlightened, my heart was filled with love, and something was released. I came alive again. thank you.

Warm Up on the Beach

Sigal B.

It was very very empowering and fun during the class considering that this was the first time I practice Qigong Thanks to you I finally understand the meaning of the movement, and Qigong.


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